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Turtle Pre-Writing Tracing for Preschool : FREE 10 Tracing Lines

Recently the kids got their pet turtle and were excited about it, thus inspired me to create turtle themed printable.

They love our turtle activity!

So today I’d love to share with you about our Turtle Pre-Writing Tracing printable.

Turtle pre-writing Tracing

Turtle Pre-Writing Tracing Activity

This is a no-prep activity, which means you’d just have to download the freebie (link at the end of this post), and don’t have to laminate or anything.

Really sanity saver when we are busy with chores and dinner, but the kids need our attention.

There are 10 tracing lines in this printable which include horizontal line, vertical line, castle line and more.

I don’t add any wiggly lines, but I do make some wave lines.

There are upward wave lines and vertical wave lines.

Grab Your Download

Get your Free Turtle Pre-Writing Tracing by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

The Complete Turtle Tracing Pack

If you love this freebie, you’d definitely want to try our Turtle Pre-Writing Tracing Pack.

It includes tracing inside turtles, tracing shapes and tracing words!

P.s : Click to check out our other Pre-Writing Tracing printable with various theme.

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