Farm Animals Printables Sort by Size Activities 1

Farm Animals Printables Sort by Size Activities

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My kids are loving Farm theme for weeks now. One of the winning activity was Farm animals sorting activity.

P.s: You might also want to try our hit Farm Tracing packet here.

Today I am excited to share with you, one of our most loved printable activity; the Farm Sort by Size Printables.

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Farm Animals Sort by Size

This activity is perfect for kids age 3-5 years old. Well, we know kids usually love the biggest candy they can find, right?

There are 3 farm animals in this Farm sorting activity. All of them have 2 sizes, big and small.

How to Use the Farm Animals Sorting Printables

First, have your kids cut all the farm animals.

preschool farm theme printables

Next, paste the farm animals on the corresponding column. Each column has an example of the size of the farm animals, the big and small size.

This is so that, even if your kids are not reading yet, they would eventually know where to sort the farm animal.

preschool farm theme printables

Let your kids compare the same animals and sort them by size before pasting those animals into the corresponding column.

printables farm animals

This activity is great to pair with the Old MacDonald’s read-aloud book.

We love that nursery rhyme!

Ready for Farm fun?

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    Shop Farm Animals Fine Motor Activity Pack

    For more Farm Animals-themed fine motor activities, check out Farm Animals Activity Pack.

    Jam-packed with cut-and-paste activities, your little ones will have a blast!

    Farm Animals Printables Sort by Size Activities 2

    Farm Animals Packet

    Let’s have fun with the farm animals activities. There are shadow matching, puzzles, sorting and more!

    Just pull out your scissors and glue, you’ll be ready in a sec!

    Farm Animals Printables Sort by Size Activities 3

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