Best Spring Lesson Plan for Toddler and Preschool with 3 Main Activities

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Spring is coming, and if you’re looking for simple ideas for Spring Lesson Plan lesson plan, you’re in the right place.

Come check out our lesson plan below; there are crafts, fine motor printables and counting activities.

Click the image below to download your Spring Lesson Plan.

Spring Lesson Plan for preschool

We love routine.

This means the kids know what activity to expect for the day.

Every day would include activities for:

  • ABC letters
  • Fine motor activities
  • Numbers and counting

#1: Letter Activities for Spring Lesson Plan

For ABC letters, we are doing letter craft activities for Spring garden :

  • Letter B for Butterfly that flies in the flower garden
  • Letter F for Flowers in the garden
  • Letter R for Rain to water the flowers in the garden
  • Letter R for Rainbow that comes after the rain
Letter craft activities for preschool Spring Lesson Plan

Just print the printables and assemble the loose parts while discussing them with your kids.

Download the free Spring craft here.

#2: Fine Motor Skills

There are loads of fun hands-on activities to choose from for Spring fine motor activities.

Among all, there are Spring dot printable activities, Spring cut & paste AB pattern, Spring tracing lines and more.

Fine motor activities for preschool Spring Lesson Plan
Fine motor activities with Spring garden theme

#3: Numbers and Counting

For numbers and counting to 10, your kids will have fun learning number sequence with the Spring number puzzles.

For counting to 10 activities, we are going to do some number recognition activities, counting to 5 and counting to 10, graphing and more.

Number and math activities for preschool Spring Lesson Plan

Let’s recap our daily activities for the week.

Spring Lesson Plan for toddler and preschoolers
Each day, we will do letter activities, fine motor skills, and counting to 10.

It’s simple and plain fun.

Ready for an exciting Spring garden week?

Download Your Free Spring Lesson Plan

Be sure to download the free Spring Lesson Plan here.

I’ve also included links to free and paid printable packets in the lesson plan.

Spring Lesson Plan for toddler and preschool

Hope this helps your week.

Have fun.

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