10+ Exciting Groundhog's Day Printable Activities 1

10+ Exciting Groundhog’s Day Printable Activities

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Do you do Groundhog’s Day?

If you’re looking for additional activities to your February preschool lesson plan, this theme is perfect for you.

Below are some no-prep Groundhog’s Day printable activities done-for-you; you can use it with your toddlers and preschoolers.

Let me share some sneak peeks.

Cutting the Groundhogs

Let’s practice our scissors skills with cute and adorable groundhogs.

groundhog's day printable
There’s also cut the shapes with groundhogs.

Dot the Groundhogs

You can do this activity using dot markers, or dot stickers, or simply let your little ones color in the dots according to the color that they want (or matching colors to the pictures.

groundhog's day printable for toddler
Awww… Ain’t they adorable.

Solve the Puzzle

Your toddlers would mostly love to challenge themselves with this type of activity.

Have them cut the scrambled groundhog’s day puzzle printables, then solve the puzzles accordingly.

groundhog's day printable preschool
Easy puzzles for 3+ years old

Find the Matching Groundhogs

Let’s have fun matching the pictures.

groundhog's day printable preschool activities
Cut the groundhogs and paste them on the matching pictures

Sort by Size

Sorting is fun, and little kids love it.

In this activity, let your little learners cut all the groundhogs, and sort them by size.

preschool groundhog's day printable
The sorting column has hints where to put the big or small groundhogs.

Replicate the Groundhogs Patterns

If you’re just beginning to teach AB pattern concept, this activity is perfect for you.

Have your kids cut all the pictures, and paste them to replicate the groundhogs’ AB patterns.

groundhog's day printable lesson plan
Cut, sort and paste to replicate the Groundhog’s Day AB pattern.

Complete the AB Pattern

A bit more challenging than replicating the AB pattern worksheets, let’s have fun guessing which picture should come next after the AB pattern.

groundhog's day printable pattern for preschool
What comes next? Can you guess?

Tracing Lines with Cute Groundhogs

Pre-writing tracing practice can be daunting for little kids.

But with these adorable groundhogs, I’m sure your kids will be jumping up and down in excitement and can’t wait to trace every single lines on the tracing pages.

Groundhog's Day printable pre-writing tracing practice
There are tracing horizontal lines, vertical lines, wave curved lines and more.

Tracing Shapes with Groundhogs

Next, we’ll be practicing to trace the shapes, all with cute groundhogs.

Groundhog's Day tracing shapes printables
You can turn this into a shape mini-book.

Number Recognition

Oh this is fun.

Cut all the groundhogs (each has a number to it), then paste on the matching sun.

groundhog's day printable math activities
Be sure that you’re pasting on the matching sun (with the numbers matched to the groundhogs)

Greater than, Less than

In this activity, your kids are to determine which group has the most groundhogs.

This activity is also perfect for your kids who are yet to know their numbers or counting to 10.

groundhog's day printables
It’s okay if your little ones paste the gator upside down, that’ll show that they understand the essential concept.

How to do this activity?

The trick is to take a look at which group has the most.

Then paste the gator accordingly.

The trick is: The gator’s open mouth is to go to the group with most groundhogs.

More Counting to 10 with Groundhogs

There are more counting to 10 activities with groundhogs in this resource.

Groundhog's Day preschool math printable
10-frames, number recognition and more.

This includes:

  • Number recognition to 10
  • 10-frames counting cut and paste
  • Count and trace the numbers
  • I Seek (similar to I Spy activity)
  • Count and Graph

and more.

Letter Matching

This activity is about letter recognition. We’re focusing on lowercase letters for letters a to z.

groundhog day printable
Cute groundhogs make letter activities more fun.

Let your kids cut all the groundhogs.

Then paste on the matching letters.

It’s time for a fun Groundhog’s Day week.

Shop Your Groundhog’s Day Printable

10+ Exciting Groundhog's Day Printable Activities 2

Groundhog’s Day Activities

Grab your scissors and glue, and don’t forget to shop and download your cute Groundhog’s Day activity pack here.

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