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Earth Day 123 Number Puzzle : FREE 6 Puzzles

My kids love it when we discussed about earth and protecting the planet. So for Earth’s Day, I thought it would be great to play Earth Day 123 Number Puzzle.

Miss M, my 6-years old, is currently learning about counting number 6-10. Thus this activity is quite great to support her learning.

This Earth Day 123 Number Puzzle pack has 6 puzzles in it.

Each puzzle is with Earth theme to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day 123 Number Puzzles Printables

Prepping Earth Day 123 Number Puzzle

This activity is low prep activity. You would only need these materials :

  • Printer
  • Cutter

To prepare for Earth Day 123 Number Puzzle

  1. First, you need to print the FREE printables (you can download it from the download button below)
  2. Then cut it according to each vertical lines line. I prefer to use paper cutter because it is quite convenient and save much time.
  3. Next, scramble the puzzle and let your kids play with it

Earth Day 123 Number Puzzles

Playing with Earth Day 123 Number Puzzle

This puzzle is quite straightforward for toddlers, preschoolers and pre-K.

Even if your kids are not counting the numbers in sequence yet, they still can do this puzzle by looking at the pictures and try to piece them.

To play with this puzzle, your kids can follow either this one method :

  • Piece the picture together, like a puzzle. Or
  • Piece it according to the number sequence

When they are done, you can paste the completed puzzle onto a plain paper and make a frame of it.

Puzzles are good for kids because it helps to develop their focus ability.

When they have to complete the task, they would need to study each piece of puzzle before being able to put it together.

Get The Free Download

This Earth Day 123 Number Puzzle is FREE. You can grab it by clicking the download button below.

Happy Earth Day and Have Fun!

For more FREE Earth Day Printables, check the following post and Pin for later!

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