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9 Fun Christmas Literacy Centers for Preschool and Pre-K : Simple NO-PREP Center

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Keeping kids’ focus during Holiday season can be oh so challenging. But why don’t we this excitement to build engagement learning.

Use all those Christmas themes to attract your kids attention; they’ll not know that they are learning!

Today I’m going to share with you our Christmas Literacy Centers that if Christmas-filled with Christmas goodies, your kids would beg for more!

200+ Pages of Christmas Literacy Centers for Preschool

This pack has 9 Sets (200+ pages) of exciting Christmas themed activities and is created with 3-4 years old in mind.

Which means, it is perfect for kids who are yet to fully fluent with the ABC letters.

Christmas Literacy Center for Preschool PreK

Christmas Literacy Center

And did I tell you that this pack is No-prep that will surely save your sanity during this hectic season!

All those 9 centers are broken down into 3 big main centers, keep on reading for details.

You don’t want to miss all the fun!

1. Christmas Literacy Centers : Christmas Letter Maze Series

There 3 activity in this Christmas Literacy Center.

But since learning all uppercase and lowercase letters can be overwhelming for a tender 3-4 years old kiddos, I’ve broken down the letter recognition process into 3 steps :

  • Step 1 : Recognizing Lowercase Letters only
  • Step 2 : Recognizing Uppercase Letters only
  • Step 3 : Recognizing both Uppercase & Lowercase Letters

To make it fun, I made the Letter Maze to be about helping the Christmas bird to find its way sliding to the Christmas tree.

Surely you can chat more about this Christmas bird, that would be oh so much fun!

This center helps young readers to recognize the look and symbol of ABC letter.

I’ve also put a picture for each letter maze so that kids can easily relate what that letter mean, or how it should be sounded out.

Center #1 – Christmas Letter Maze Step 1 : Recognizing Lowercase Letters only

In this pack, we are going to play with letter a to letter z.

Christmas Letter Maze
You can color the letters, or to add some fun, you can also let your kids to put dot stickers on the letters

Center #2 – Christmas Letter Maze Step 2 : Recognizing Uppercase Letters only

This center focuses only on uppercase letters. Kids are to color only specified uppercase letters.

Christmas Letter Maze

Center #3 – Christmas Letter Maze Step 3 : Recognizing Uppercase & Lowercase Letters

This is where we combine both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Christmas Letter Maze

You might be wondering about how do we tell kids that both letters belong to each other?

You can try our method – I told my kids that this uppercase letter is the Mama of the letter, and the lowercase letter is its’ baby.

The baby letter would want to be with its Mama, so in this activity, we are going to do just that.

For some letters, the baby and its Mama look alike – such as letter C and letter O.

But for some other letters, the baby and its Mama look very different, and that’s very normal.

So far, it work well.

2. Christmas Literacy Centers : Christmas Letter Sorting Series

To help kids to better remember who’s baby letter belongs to which Mama letters; I created this Christmas Letter Sorting Series.

This activities is about sorting uppercase and lowercase letters to their group.

And again, we don’t want to bore our kids, let alone they are already super distracted in this Holiday season.

Let’s use up all the Christmas features!

Center #4 – Christmas Letter Sorting #1 : Sort the Stockings

This pack is about sort the Christmas stockings by letter.

You are to sort the stockings on the corresponding fireplace.

Christmas Letter Sorting

Tell the kids to watch the letter at the fireplace carefully before sorting because we don’t want to miss-place other people’s stockings.


Center #5 – Christmas Letter Sorting #2 : Sort the Gifts

This pack is about sorting Christmas gifts to the corresponding Christmas trees.

Christmas Letter Sorting

You can give a task to your kids, try this:

Imagine you are a Santa, and you need to put the right gifts at the right sack of gifts; because every child has different wishes, right?

Put the gift according to the letters written on the sack of gifts.

We don’t want to have disappointing good kids for receiving the wrong gift.

Center #6 – Christmas Letter Sorting #3 : Sort the Ornaments

It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree!

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

Christmas Letter Sorting

Well this fun activity is about sorting the ornaments to the corresponding Christmas tree.

Read the letters written on the Christmas Scroll, and sort accordingly.

3. Christmas Literacy Centers : Beginning Sounds Matching Puzzles

This is where we begin to introduce kids to various letters’ sounds and its pictures.

Your kids have already know the letter symbol and its pair, uppercase and lowercase letters, from previous 2 centers above.

They’ve also known a bit about each letters’ sound from the Letter Maze Series.

In this center, Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles, they are going to learn that those letters represent a whole lot more things!

If in Christmas Letter Maze series, they only learn that letter Aa is for apple, in this Christmas Beginning Sounds Center, they are going to learn that Aa also for Acorn and Avocado.

This center focuses on building the foundation of phonics.

How to Use Christmas Beginning Sounds Centers

First, you will get pre-scrambled puzzles. Which means, the Beginning Sounds and its pictures are already mismatched. Well, we are all about NO-PREP.

Before you think this would confuse the kids, keep on reading.

You will also get puzzle boxes and answer key for each puzzles.

My suggestion on how to use this center :

  1. Show the Answer Key to your preschoolers. Remember, this is new for them. Discuss the sounds. You can begin with 4 letters at a time to prevent them from being too overwhelmed.
  2. Give them the first set of Christmas Beginning Sounds Pre-scrambled Puzzles. There are 4 letters per set.
  3. Let them cut out the puzzles and find its matching pairs.
  4. Once they have piece the puzzle together, let them paste the matching pieces on the blank puzzle boxes.

You will get 3 sets of Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles in this pack.

Let me list them down.

Center #7 – Beginning Sounds Puzzles Set #1 : Milk and Cookies

The letters represents :  a for apple, b for butterfly, c for cow, d for dolphin, e for earth, f for flower, g for golf, h for hat, i for inside box, j for jellyfish, k for kissing emoji, l for leaf, m for mermaid, n for noodle, o for octopus, p for popcorn, q for quiet, r for recycle, s for star, t for trash bin, u for urchin, v for vegetables, w for wagon, x for x-ray dog, y for yarn, z for zebra.

Christmas Beginning Sounds

Center #8 – Beginning Sounds Puzzles Set #2 : Sack of Gifts

The letters represents : a for acorn, b for bat, c for cactus, d for dog, e for egg, f for frog, g for giraffe, h for honey, i for igloo, j for jug, k for key, l for llama, m for monkey, n for nest, o for owl, p for princess, q for quilt, r for rain, s for sun, t for tree, u for unicorn, v for vacuum, w for whale, x for xylophone, y for yo-yo, z for zipper.

Christmas Beginning Sounds

Center #9 – Beginning Sounds Puzzles Set #3 : Christmas Cookies

The letters represents : a for avocado, b for blueberry, c for cookie, d for donut, e for eye, f for fish, g for grape, h for helicopter, i for iguana, j for jam, k for koala, l for lemon, m for mushroom, n for ninja, o for orange, p for pear, q for q-tip, r for rabbit, s for strawberry, t for tomato, u for umbrella, v for vase, w for watermelon, x for x-ray fish, y for yogurt, z for zoo.

Christmas Beginning Sounds

Teaching Letters is No More Daunting!

Your Christmas Literacy Centers surely would be a blast!

Let the kids chit-chat about their Holiday planning while working on these Christmas Literacy Centers, of course they won’t know they are actually learning here.

Happy kids definitely equals to them learning at their best!

Christmas Literacy Center

Save the Christmas Literacy Center.

Pin them now to save for later!

Christmas Literacy Center

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