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Apple Pre-writing Tracing Bundle : 60 Exciting Tracing Practice

It’s falls season and also apples season. Apples are great for lots of learning opportunities.

Among others, I love to make apple as an invitation for my girls to do pre-writing tracing.

Today I would love to share with you about our Apple Pre-writing Tracing Bundle which includes 60 exciting apples with tracing lines!

Apple Pre-Writing Tracing Pack

Apple Pre-writing Tracing Bundle

This is a no-prep activity, that you can pull out at any moment your kids asking for activity.

For more durability, you might want to laminate each copy and let your kids trace the lines using dry erase markers.

To use this printable, simply pull out your crayons supply and let your kids trace the lines in the apples according to their creativity.

The Tracing Lines

There are 60 apples in this pack, each has tracing lines in them.

The pre-writing tracing lines begin with most basic lines that toddlers usually scribble which is the horizontal lines, vertical lines and diagonal lines.

Apple Pre-Writing Tracing

This pack then progresses to more challenging lines and curves and later move to tracing shapes within the apples.

I have also mixed up some lines so that it would be more fun!

Such as diagonal lines are combined with stars tracing making it looks like tracing on the sky.

Or the circle shapes with some vertical zigzags.

Apple Pre-Writing Tracing Lines

Mixing several lines and shape tracing to excite the kids!

Other Ways to Use Apple Pre-writing Tracing Bundle

My kids love to color the apples while tracing them, or just color the apples.

Apple Pre-Writing Tracing Colors

You can also add some twist of fun by :

  • Do-a-dot on the tracing lines
  • Put dot stickers on the tracing lines
  • Trace it using q-tips
  • Trace it using shaving creams or whipping creams

Get Your Apple Pre-writing Tracing Bundle

Hop over to our Teacher Pay Teachers Store or click on the image below to get your instant download.

Have fun!

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