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Spring Frogs Tracing Pages

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“Oh what a sweet frog!” my kids exclaimed as soon as they see this Spring Frogs Tracing pages.

Well, if your kids love frogs, this one printable is perfect for you.

frogs tracing
To download this FREE tracing mat, you can scroll down to the bottom of this post. And click on the download button available.

Spring Frogs Tracing Pages

This Tracing Mat features 7 tracing mats with sweet bright green frogs.

There are jumping frogs, splat on the poodle frogs, frog with umbrella, and frog with Easter egg!

These frogs have tracing path they need to follow to reach their friends, or to reach to the pond, or to get some flowers.

The tracing paths are made specifically for toddlers who are still learning to use their cute little fingers.

Among the tracing lines included are zig zag lines, castle lines, vertical lines, loop lines and circle shape lines (Miss 3’s favorite tracing line)

Spring Frogs Tracing Pages 1

Other Materials That Can Be Used to Do Tracing

Did you know that, there are many other ways to do tracing.

Besides using the usual crayons and pencil color, we can also use these things to help our kids with tracing :

  • Dot stickers (my kids’ favorite) – Stick the dot stickers along the tracing lines
  • Stamp marker (also my kids’ favorite) – Stamp the marker along the tracing lines
  • Do-a-dot marker – Dot the marker along the tracing lines
  • Playdough – Roll the playdough and shape it according to the tracing lines
  • Cut the tracing lines
  • Bare fingers – Trace the tracing lines using their fingers
  • Q-tips – Trace the tracing lines using Q-tips

And more.

frogs tracing

Get Your Frogs Tracing Pages

This tracing pages is FREE for you. You can grab it by clicking the download button below.

Spring Frogs Tracing Pages 2

More Frog Tracing Practice

For more Frog Tracing pages, check out our Frog Tracing Activity pack at our store!

Your kids will love every bit of the frog’s tracing pages…

spring frogs tracing worksheets

Spring Frogs Tracing Pages 3

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