Pumpkin Color Center

Pumpkin Color Center : Exciting 10 Color Centers!

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Learning color words can be tricky.

But hey, couple it with few hands-on activities, bam! Suddenly your kids can read a few color words!

Today I am thrilled to share about our Pumpkin Color Center, which includes 10 fun centers!

But first, have you got your hand on our Free Pumpkin Color Emergent Reader? Because this Color Center is actually an extension to that Freebie.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, be sure to get your copy HERE.

Pumpkin Color Center

Pumpkin Color Center : 10 Fun Color Centers

Now, let me share briefly about our Pumpkin Color Center.

There are 9 pumpkin colors in this pack which include green, brown, blue, black, red, purple, yellow, pink and orange.

★ Center #1: Q-tip Painting

Dip 9 q-tips into 9 different colors, and let your kids dot the pumpkins according to their colors.

Pumpkin Color Center Qtip Painting

You can also use this activity to show how color mixing happens. For instance, to get purple, we can mix the blue color and red color together.

My kids were fascinated looking at the color changing!

This center can also serves as Color Picture Cards to introduce your kids to the color words.

★ Center #2: Color Sorting

Cut the color shapes and paste them into the matching colored pumpkins.

Pumpkin Color Center Q-tip Painting

★ Center #3: Playdough Mat Build the Color Words

Pull out your playdough supply and let your kids roll them into the color words.

Pumpkin Color Center Playdough Mat

To make things more fun, roll playdough according to the pumpkins’ color. For instance, pink pumpkin’s color word use the pink playdough.

★ Center #4: Magnetic Letter Play

Put the corresponding magnetic letter into the box. This center helps your kids to identify the beginning letter or beginning sounds of the color words.

Pumpkin Color Center Magnetic Letter

★ Center #5: Color Clip Cards

Clip on the corresponding color words.

Pumpkin Color Center Clip Cards

★ Center #6: Color Puzzle

Piece the pumpkin puzzles together and paste them into the box. There are 2 sets of puzzle boxes in this center.

The first set has colored box with color words, this is for kids who are yet to read the color words.

The second set has plain box with only color words. This is great for kids who are practicing to read color words, or know one or two of her color words.

Pumpkin Color Center : Exciting 10 Color Centers! 1

★ Center #7: Cut and Match

Cut the colored pumpkins and paste them into the corresponding boxes.

Pumpkin Color Center Cut and Match

★ Center #8: Roll and Read

Roll the dice. Count the dots on the dice. Read the color words.

There are 2 differentiated sets of Roll and Read copy; the first set has color words that are written in their colors. The second set’s color words are written in plain black.

Pumpkin Color Center Roll and Read

This Roll and Read center also include sight word ‘I’ and ‘see’.

★ Center #9: Pumpkin Color Emergent Reader, Match the Color Words

Cut all the colored words and paste it into the Pumpkin Color Emergent Reader.

Pumpkin Color Center Match the Color Word

★ Center #10: Coloring Emergent Reader

Read the Coloring Emergent Reader. Color the Pumpkins accordingly.

There are 2 differentiated sets in this center. The first set’s colored words are colored. The second set’s colored words are not colored, just plain black font.

Pumpkin Color Center Coloring Emergent Reader

Ready for fun Color Centers?

Grab Your Download

Snag your instant download by clicking the purchase button below, or hop over to our Teacher Pay Teachers Store.

Pumpkin Color Center : Exciting 10 Color Centers! 2

Have fun!

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