Cat Emergent Reader : Plus FREE 2 Activities 1

Cat Emergent Reader : Plus FREE 2 Activities

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Your kids already know their letters. They also know its sounds. They can also read a bit of CVC words.

What’s next?

For Maryam, she prefer to move to simple Emergent Reader.

What I love about Emergent Reader is that it covers a lot of Sight Words in a much fun way.

Cat Emergent Reader

Let me share an example about how we learn color words Sight Words.

Color words are so easy to learn because it is visual. Kids can make a guess that the letter /o/ is for orange.

Sprinkle with some color activities, they’d learn the color words by heart!

Cat Emergent Reader

For today, I am going to share with you our Cat Emergent Reader from my brand new series – Learn to Read.

Cat Emergent Readers

Let’s Prepare the Emergent Reader

There are 5 unnumbered pages in this reader.

You can choose which color to introduce first, so you would print only the chosen pages.

Print this reader double-sided, and then fold it.

Or if you have multiple pages, you can staple them using long stapler.

Cat Emergent Reader

How to Use the Cat Emergent Reader

For this reader, the introduced Sight Words are ‘a’ and 5 color words.

Read and point to each words while reading them.

Eventually your kids can guess the words and would want to join you ‘read’!

The Activities

There are 2 activities in this Cat Emergent Reader, both are designed to help your kids to read color words.

Activity #1 : Cut and paste the color words

Let them cut and paste the color words accordingly.

If they still can’t remember the words, you can always let them refer the Cat Emergent Reader.

Cat Emergent Reader

Activity #2 : Copy and write the color words

Let your kids read the traced color words, and then copy the words to the corresponding cats.

Cat Emergent Reader

My kids love the Cat Emergent Reader that they not only read it, but starting to draw some cat story of themselves!

I hope your cat lover kids love this Emergent Reader as much as we do!

Get Your Download

Snag your free Cat Emergent Reader by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

Cat Emergent Reader : Plus FREE 2 Activities 2

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