4 Exciting Letter J Tracing Worksheets

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Are you looking for fun Letter J tracing worksheets for your preschool kids?

By fun, I mean not just drilling to trace a copious number of letters, but simply fun to do.

Our Letter J Worksheets pack has just that!

Your kids’ eyes will shine with joy with these letter activities.

Let me share briefly about each of them.

Tracing #1: Tracing in the lines

In these Letter J tracing activities, your kids will get to trace inside the lines.

letter j tracing worksheets

They’ll have fun tracing from the uppercase and lowercase letter J to the pictures with beginning sounds Letter J.

Tracing #2: Tracing on the lines

There are also tracing on the dotted lines activities.

letter j tracing activities for preschoolers

Your kids will get excited to trace the lines from one Letter J picture to another.

The tracing lines are the lines that form the letter J.

Tracing #3: Tracing the pictures

Let’s sprinkle more excitement with tracing the pictures!

letter j preschool activities

These pictures have beginning sounds Letter J.

Be sure to say the pictures together and let your kids hear the sound of the Letter J.

Tracing #4: Tracing the Letter J

Finally, it’s time to trace the letters.

Your kids will have fun tracing both uppercase and lowercase letter J in these Letter J tracing worksheets.

tracing letter j worksheets

If your kids love to draw, have them draw the Letter J pictures (from the previous tracing activities) to the Letter J tracing letters pages.

tracing letter j sheet

Where Can I Get the Letter J Tracing Worksheets

You can find these activities included our Letter J Worksheets activity pack.

Along with tracing activities, this packet also includes cut and paste activities, dot activities, letter recognition activities, and more.

Shop Letter J Worksheets Activity Packet

Let’s pull out your crayons supply and let the fun begin!

letter j printables packet

Letter J Activity Packet

Your kids will have so much fun with the many activities in this Letter J packet.

There are cut-and-paste activities, tracing, sorting, and more!

4 Exciting Letter J Tracing Worksheets 1

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