How to Teach Blending CVC Words : 2 Easy Simple Steps

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Today I’m so proud of my little girl who finally can do blending CVC (CVC Short-O) words by herself!

I was so much in tears that I’m thrilled to share my experience here with you.

how to teach sounds blending cvc

First of all, if you are wondering what is CVC, you can refer to my post here.

Basically CVC is short words that include only 3 letters. Those words are such as ‘dog’, ‘cop’ and ‘box’

How to Teach Blending CVC Words

Before we jump right to the CVC words, we need to be sure that our young learners have already know most of her letter’s sounds.

Such as the letter c makes the sound /kk/ as in cat. Or the letter b makes the /bb/ as in ball.

2 Simple Step to Teach Blending CVC Words

There are 2 easy steps to teach blending CVC words.

Step #1: Make the sound for each letter

I prefer to use printables that has big pictures and clearly separate each letter in their own space.

For example, in the printable below, you can see the word ‘d-o-g’ has its letter d, letter o and letter g each in their own sea shells.

CVC Segment and blend

This somehow makes it easier for my kids to know that each letter has their own sounds.

For Step #1 to teach blending CVC words, say aloud the sound of each letter.

If you must, show each letter using finger or reading pointer while sound them out.

Step #2: Say all sounds together faster

This step is called blending.

It is when you say out loud each of the letters’ sounds together but faster.

If at first you say it out loud slowly, say at speed 1.

Next, increase it to speed 2.

I know this part is tricky, hence I’ve put up a video showing how my girl do the CVC blending.

You can refer to video below, she kept on repeating r-o-t for the word ‘rot’ until she got the blending right.

I didn’t interrupt her at this practice. I just let her find the word by herself.

We’ve never use the word rot before, but thankfully somehow she managed to decide the word!

CVC Short-O Blending Practice

The printable that we use in the video is focusing only on CVC Short-O words.

Example of the CVC Short-O words are such as ‘dog’, ‘job’ and ‘hot’.

You can grab the engaging pack at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

how to teach cvc words blending

Hopefully this post helps to give a bit of idea of how to teach blending CVC words to your kids.

Have fun!

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