farm scissors cutting for preschool

Farm Scissors Cutting Printable : FREE 2 Farm Animals

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My kids love to cut papers.

When they are bored with cutting straight easy lines, they began to look for cutting challenging curves.

Recently they are excited doing farm cutting activities from our Farm Preschool Center!

I thought it’d be great to share a freebie here so that your little ones can try this exciting activity too!

P.s: You can find more Farm freebies here

farm scissors cutting for preschool

Farm Scissors Cutting Printables

First and foremost, this printable is super easy to set-up.

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To prepare for this activity, you need to have :

You just need to print it, and you’re ready to go! (The download button can be found at the end of this post.)

Then, make sure to pull out your supply of kid’s friendly scissors.

Hand the printables to your kids, and let them cut it whichever way they prefer.

If Your Kids Still Struggle With Scissors

One of my kids is actually struggling with handling scissors.

But he is quite persistent. He refused help because he wanted to challenge himself.

While he cut, I just waited patiently and observe.

He’d try many scissors position. He really struggled!

But one thing for sure, with cheer and support and trust, finally he managed to cut the whole farm animal picture by himself!

If your kids still struggle with scissors, don’t push them.

We can show them how to use it, but that’s it!

Cheer them and support them.

Trust them by letting them figure out their own way to use the scissors.

Eventually, they’d get it!

Grab Your Download

Snag your free Farm Scissors Cutting Printable by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

Farm Scissors Cutting Printable : FREE 2 Farm Animals 1

More Farm Animals Activities

If you love this freebie and wish to purchase our farm centers pack with 14 fun-filled activities, snag your instant download at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store, or click on the image below.

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Farm Scissors Cutting Printable : FREE 2 Farm Animals 2

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