Halloween Literacy Center : Exciting 6 Fun Centers

Halloween Literacy Center

Hello Halloween! Are you feeling the mood yet?

Halloween is full of colors and great to do lots of learning.

Today I am thrilled to share with you our exciting Halloween Literacy Centers, fun non-scary features of Halloween that you will not want to miss!

Halloween Literacy Center

But before that, have you grab our free Halloween Beginning Sounds Puzzle?

If you haven’t, grab it HERE because this Literacy Center works best with that freebie.

Now, let me share with you a bit about the 6 fun centers in our Halloween Literacy Center.

6 Exciting Non-Spooky Halloween Literacy Center

This center includes mixture of Halloween and non-Halloween themes. Those Halloween themes are friendly non-spooky images (well, maybe a bit exception for jack o’ lantern.)

Let me share with you the a-z features:

  • A for Apple, B for Bat, C for Cat, D for Donut, E for Eye, F for Frankenstein, G for Ghost, H for Hat, I for Ice cream (non-Halloween), J for Jack o’ Lantern, K for Kite (non-Halloween), L for Llama, M for Mummy, N for Night (non-Halloween), O for Owl, P for Pumpkin, Q for Quiet (non-Halloween), R for Rain (non-Halloween), S for Spider, T for Tomb, U for Unicorn, V for Vampire, W for Witch, X for X-ray (non-Halloween), Y for Yawn (non-Halloween), Z for Zombie.

Let’s hop over to take a sneak peek of the fun hands-on literacy centers!

★ Center #1 : Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

Say the name of the pictures. Emphasize on the beginning sounds of each picture. Clip on the corresponding beginning sounds.

Halloween Literacy Center

★ Center #2 : Write the Room

Put the cards around the room, and let your class find them.

Halloween Literacy Center

Also perfect for sensory bin activity! Bury the cards in your fun colorful Halloween Sensory Bin, let the class find the cards.

Write the words on the recording sheets.

★ Center #3 : Ghost Letter Tracing

Trace lowercase letters and uppercase letters in the ghosts. Include all letters from A to Z.

Halloween Literacy Center

★ Center #4 : ABC Playdough Mat

Pull out your playdough mat supply and roll them! Shape those playdough on this fun ABC playdough mat. Make the letter’s sound while at this play.

Halloween Literacy Center

★ Center #5 : Build the Word Playdough Mat

As extension to ABC Playdough Mat, let’s build a word with them! Great for fine motor skills.

Halloween Literacy Center

★ Center #6 : Roll and Make the Sounds

Roll the dice, count the dots on the dice, and make the letter’s sounds. There are 2 differentiated sets in this center.

  • Set #1 : It has picture with each letters, to give a hint as what could the letter sounds like.
  • Set #2: It has no pictures.

Halloween Literacy Center

Ready for exciting Halloween Literacy Center?

Halloween Literacy Center

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Happy Halloween!


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