60+ Fun Pages of Easy to Use Arctic Animals Printables for Preschool 1

60+ Fun Pages of Easy to Use Arctic Animals Printables for Preschool

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Of all the Polar Animals we’ve met, the kids love Penguin the most.

Wait a second; I think they prefer the narwhal. Or the walrus?

Never mind, it’s all of the Polar Arctic Animals because all of them are super cute.

We once went to an animal shelter and were amazed at how big a Polar Bear is, like gigantic big.

And when it swims, whoa! It’s as if you put a Polar Bear in a swimming pool; the whole water would splash out.

If you’re planning for fine motor centers, Polar Arctic Animals is the perfect theme for winter.

With all the cute animals like the narwhals, your kids will be in the vibe all month long.

Introducing the Polar Arctic Animals Center Bundle

Polar Arctic Animals Center is a Bundle of fine motor printable activities.

Thanks to the cuteness of all the Arctic Animals, this Bundle promises you that your kids will develop a love of fine motor activities.

arctic animals preschool

Fine Motor Activities Included

Let me walk you through the Fine Motor activities included.

Arctic Animals Theme Visual Discrimination Activities

This activity helps your kids to identify similar objects and classify them. This Arctic Animals theme activity packet includes picture matching, shadow matching, and shape matching activities.

My toddler loves this part of the activity! And she’s one of the reasons why I created this resource.

If your kids are practicing their scissor-cutting and pasting skills, these activities are the best for them.

It’s simple yet perfect for fine motor practice.

#1: Picture Matching Cut and Paste

Have your kids cut the Arctic Animals pictures, then paste them on the corresponding matching picture.

arctic animals printables

This works well with toddlers aged 3-5. Your older kids will love this too!

#2: Shadow Matching Cut and Paste

I thought this was hard for my 3 years old, but she proves that she loves shadow matching to bits!

arctic animals activities for preschool

I think little ones love shadow matching because it challenges them to find the

#3: Shape Matching Cut and Paste

Cut the Arctic Animals in the shapes, paste them accordingly.

arctic animals activities
Click here to grab the Polar Arctic Animals Packet

This activity is similar to sorting toy activities. Still, your kids will love this because they’ll get to play with the scissors and glue!

Arctic Animals Theme Sorting Activities

There is a handful of sorting activities in this Arctic Animals Preschool and Toddler packet. This includes sorting by color, sorting by size, and sorting by type.

#1: Sorting by Color

Let’s sort the Arctic Animals by their colors!

arctic animals preschool theme

These animals don’t have that many colors, making them perfect for your toddler or preschool kids because they can focus on those few colors.

#2: Sorting by Size

arctic animals worksheets

Your toddlers will surely love this activity; sort the Arctic Animals according to their sizes, big or small.

#3: Sorting by Type

This activity is about sorting the animals according to where they live.

arctic animals worksheets for preschool

Your kids will have to think about which animals are underwater and live on the land.

Arctic Animals Theme Math Activities

If your kids don’t know how to count their numbers yet, the math activities in this worksheets packet are perfect for them.

We’ll be practicing the skills needed for math, such as finding the odd ones, greater than less than, tracing, and number matching.

#1: Odd Ones

Your kids will have fun searching for which Arctic Animals are different from their friends.

arctic animals theme preschool

#2: Greater than, Less than 

I used to think that little kids would have a hard time understanding this topic.

But let’s look closely into our kids’ daily life. They already practice the ‘greater than, less than’ concept while they’re arguing with their siblings about who has more cookies, who has the most toys.

You know what I mean, right?

What you’ll introduce in this activity is the symbol of ‘greater than, less than’.

We’ll be using the hungry gator.

arctic animals printables for toddler and preschool

Tips: Teach your kids that the gator is always hungry, so its mouth that’s open must always be on the side of the group that has more Arctic Animals. 

My kids love this activity. 

Sometimes the gator would be placed upside down; as long as the opened mouth side to the right group, it’s fine by me.

#3: AB Pattern

Let’s have fun cutting and copy-pasting the Arctic Animals AB patterns!

arctic animals worksheets

#4: Number Tracing

Grab your crayon supply and let your kids trace the numbers.

arctic animals worksheets for preschool

Use the Arctic Animals in these pages to practice counting with your kids.

#5: Number Matching

This activity is about number recognition, and it helps your kids identify which numbers look similar.

arctic animals printables activities for preschool and toddlers

It’s more like a picture matching or shadow matching activity, but we’re doing number matching this time.

Ready for fun Arctic Animals theme week?

Click here to try your Arctic Animals mini-Freebie.

Have fun!

Shop Your Polar Arctic Animals Printables Activity Pack

Grab your scissors and glue and shop the Arctic Animals Printables Activity Pack for your kids here.

Your kids will be so busy and excited that you’ll smile looking at the day you grab this Arctic Animals worksheets pack.

60+ Fun Pages of Easy to Use Arctic Animals Printables for Preschool 2
60+ Fun Pages of Easy to Use Arctic Animals Printables for Preschool 3

Have fun!

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