Adorable 50 Pages of Valentine’s Day Dot Printables

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Valentine’s Day is coming, and I have something full of hearts ready for your kids – the Valentine’s Day dot printables pages.

If you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can shift the love to loving yourself, and love your parents and siblings, and pets.

Valentine's Day Dot Printables

This activity is cute and adorable, and the best part is – full of colors.

My kids love colorful activities.

I hope your kids love our dot activity too.

Let me take you through a few of the 50 dot pages in this packet.

Use this Valentine's Day dot pages for your color activity, fine motor centers or just for fun
There’s a lovely cactus and some floating hearts to dot

Use it as Bits of Coloring Activity

This type of activity is also great if you’re looking for a coloring activity.

Some kids aren’t that fond of coloring pages because to color the picture on a whole page is too much. But by using these dot pages, they can color just bits of here and there as they wish.

There’ll be no internal pressure to finish the whole coloring page.

Your toddlers and preschoolers are so gonna love this sweet Valentine's Day dot printables
Aww the baby tiger holding a heart & pink strawberry cupcake for you.
Perfect for your preschoolers fine motor activities, this Valentine's Day dot printables pack is easy-to-use
Just look at these adorable Valentine’s animals & stuff; your kids will love it.

2 More Ways to Use The Valentine’s Day Dot Printables

Usually, educators and parents would use dot pages with dot markers or bingo daubers.

But I don’t have any of that at my place.

If you’re like me, loving the cheerfulness of the dot printables and need some ideas on how to use it, you can try one of below:

  • Use dot stickers or any little fancy stickers – Oh my kids love peeling dot stickers and putting them on random floor or books. So I use the dot printables for them to have a designated place to put the dot stickers.
  • Color in the dots – Pull out your crayons or pencil color stash, and let your kids color in the dots.

Ready for a fun Valentine’s Dot activity?

Shop Valentine’s Day Dot Packet

Adorable 50 Pages of Valentine's Day Dot Printables 1

Valentine’s Day Dot Pack

Let’s have fun with this cute Valentine’s Day dot activity packet.

Adorable 50 Pages of Valentine's Day Dot Printables 2

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