Easter sight word game

Feed The Bunny Sight Word Game : Easy Game for 100 Basic Fry’s Sight Word

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Easter is coming next month, hence it’s perfect time to play this FREE Printable “Feed The Bunny Sight Word Game”

But it doesn’t necessarily need to be Easter for some bunny fun, right?

Forget the flash cards and the drill on the worksheets. Let’s head on to hunt the carrot and Feed The Bunny to learn sight words.

But first, if you ever wondered why the hassle for the kids to recognize sight word, let me share with you one of the whys.

feed the bunny sight word game

Why Sight Word

Sight Word is a high frequency word that is used often in reading. They are called sight word so that our child can recognize it at first sight.

But to be honest, it doesn’t happen that way with Miss 5. She didn’t recognize the sight word at first sight, let alone able to call it. 

So I created this game.

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Easter sight word game
This game is made as book companion with Usborne Double Trouble book

For me, playing Feed The Bunny Sight Word Game helps Miss 5 to recognize the sight word, because well, kids learn better through play.

And when she recognize some of the most frequent sight word, she is more motivated to do the reading on her own. 

When you can decode new language, you too would be motivated to try to read more, right?

Feed The Bunny Sight Word Game

This Printable features a Bunny to be fed, sight words on 100 carrots, and I spy words for your kids to write the sight words on the carrots. You can download this FREE printable by scrolling to the bottom of this post.

Those carrots carry 100 first Fry’s Sight Word and there is also some blank carrot for you to customize to your child or your class’ skill level.

Feed the bunny sight word game
Each carrot carry one sight word. There are also blank carrot available.

Prepping the game

You might want to have :

How to prepare the game for your kids:

  1. Print the Bunny and the carrots
  2. Laminate the carrots for durability, if you wish to use it again next time.
  3. Cut the middle of the box you have chosen so it would make a big hole that can insert the carrot. Or you can just make a little slit for your child to slip carrot into it
  4. Cut the mouth of the Bunny so your child can feed the Bunny

Playing the game

There are many ways we can play the game.

Feed The Bunny Sight Word Game #1: Simple Feed and Call

The first game is to feed the Bunny while calling the cards.

Call the word ‘the’ and let your child feed the carrot ‘the’ to the Bunny.

For the first round, your child might be hesitant. It’s ok if your child doesn’t get the right carrot. Or if she just want to Bunny just to warm up.

Easter sight word game
Miss 3 prefer to just feed the bunny

Feed The Bunny Sight Word Game #2: Write The Room

Put the carrot all over your house or living room, or dining room.

Let your child find the carrot, pick the carrot and write down the carrot’s sight word name into a paper.

Then, let them feed the Bunny while calling the sight words on the carrot.

Feed The Bunny Sight Word Game #3: Read With The Bunny

Let your child pick a book to read together with the Bunny. 

While you both are reading, point at the sight word in the book, and let your child search the carrot that match the sight word.

Then feed the Bunny with the found carrot. 

Feed the bunny sight word game
Miss 5 got the sight word ‘I’

Your child will be excited to hunt for more sight word in her story book just to feed the Bunny. 

Yeay for fun way to learn sight words!

Grab Your Download

Don’t forget to get your FREE printable of Feed The Bunny Sight Word Game by clicking the Download Button below.

Feed The Bunny Sight Word Game : Easy Game for 100 Basic Fry's Sight Word 1

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