Arctic Animals Preschool Pack

NO-PREP Arctic Animals Preschool Printables

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Let’s be honest, arctic animals such as the Polar Bears and Walrus are super adorable. Adorable animals can easily excite little kids and learning is so much fun when your kids are in their happiest mood!

In this post, I’ll be sharing about our Arctic Animals printables activities for preschool.

If you are doing Arctic Animals lesson plan, don’t skip this post. There are lots of fine motor activities, sorting, matching, cut and paste activities; all with Arctic Animals theme.

Trust me, your little ones will keep asking for more!

Arctic Animals Preschool Printables

First, What to Prepare for this Activity?

More often we shrugged when we found out that exciting preschool activities need tons of preparations, such as gathering home supplies, laminating papers and more. That’s me!

But for this Arctic Animals Preschool packet, no, you don’t have to do million of things ahead.

All you need to do is :

  1. Download the activity packet (link at the bottom of this post)
  2. Open the PDF file
  3. Check the Table of Content to see which activity might interest your kids for the day
  4. Print the selected activities
  5. That’s all!

P.S: Please also note that this Arctic Animals pack is only for single classroom and non-commercial use.

Other materials that you might need :

  • Kids Safety Scissors for your kids to cut their Arctic Animals activities
  • Glue for your little munchkins to paste their works accordingly
  • Crayons, well, let them draw their own version of penguins or seal on the worksheets

Let’s take a look at the activities included in this Arctic Animals packet:

Arctic Animals Preschool Printables

In this time of where online learning has become the new normal, it is more important than ever for your little kids to do activities using their hands.

Those adorable little muscles on their fingers need to be flexed and do lots of other fine motor activities.

Fine motor activities helps develop strong fingers and hands, which in returns helps your little munchkins to hold their own cup, or eat by themselves without unintentionally dropping foods all around, and more things independently.

The activities in this pack are mostly focused on little kids doing cutting, pasting, sorting and matching.

Let’s take a look at the activities!

Activity #1 : Scissor Cutting Skills

This activity is about cutting dotted lines with Arctic Animals theme.

Your kids will have fun cutting the Orca’s swimming path, cutting out the baby penguins and polar bears.

You don’t have to pre-cut the cutting strips if you don’t want to.

My kids love to see the papers dangling as they cut the lines.

Arctic Animals Preschool Activity

There are various lines to be cut including cutting horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines and zigzag lines.

They would also have the chance to cut shapes such as circle shape, triangle shape and rectangle shape.

Activity #2 : Do-a-Dots

Do-a-dot activity is perfect for preschoolers for so many reasons!

This activity is about dabbing dot markers on the dots on the arctic animals, or if you don’t normally have dot markers, have your kids color in the dots.

For instance, for the Narwhal below, have your kids pick the blue crayons (or any other color they prefer) to color in the dots.

Polar animals preschool activity

This activity helps kids to practice their eye-hand coordination, their hand grips on the dot markers/crayons/dot stickers and perfect for one-to-one correspondence skills.

In this winter animals preschool pack, we are going to dot the Killer Whale (orca), Moose and the adorable Narwhals.

Activity #3 : Odd Ones

In this activity, your kids will sort and identify which of the winter animal is different.

Circle the odd ones.

Or for a twist of fun, grab a supply of winter stickers and let your little kids paste the sticker onto the different animals.

Arctic Animals Preschool Activities

Activity #4 : Puzzles

Puzzle activity is great for many reasons and one of those is to practice the kids’ ability to solve problems.

It might not be real life problems that they are solving, but well, it can be a start for them to learn patience and pay attention to details of situation.

This activity is about unscramble the pre-scrambled puzzle.

Have your kids cut the pre-scrambled winter animals puzzle.

Then let them piece the puzzle.

Arctic Animals Preschool Worksheet

Just print out the pre-scrambled puzzle, and hand them to your kids for them to solve.

Their task is to solve the puzzles and once solved, they need to cut and paste the matching pieces in the given boxes.

I have also included the Answer Key to each of the Arctic Animals puzzle for your convenience or for your kids to self check their puzzle.

Visual Discrimination Activities

Visual Discrimination, or the easy phrase – differentiating & matching is a huge life skills need to be mastered by preschoolers to save our own sanity.

Why would I say that?

Imagine them putting on mismatched mittens to play outside in the snow, or putting on mismatched socks.

It is sore to our eyes!

Not to mention it would lead to meltdown because they themselves find it ‘not pretty because it has lost its matching friend’

Ability to identify and match the same thing would help our kids a lot in their real life and academic world.

There are 3 Matching Activities in this Arctic Animals pack.

  • Shadow Matching
  • Picture Matching
  • Shape Matching

Activity #5 : Shadow Matching

My kids love this activity because it challenges them to pay attention to details to find the matching shadows.

Cut the Arctic Animals and paste them into their own shadows.

Arctic Animals Preschool Printable

Activity #6 : Picture Matching

Although this might look a very simple activity, this is actually the kids own daily activity – which is to find the matching socks or the matching pair of shoes.

In this set, kids need to cut all the Arctic Animals and find-and-paste them to their matching pairs.

Arctic Animals Preschool Printables

Activity #7 : Shape Matching

This activity works like a shape sorter.

Kids need to cut all the shapes and fit-and-paste it into the matching Arctic Animals.

Polar animals preschool worksheet

It’s easy because the shapes created for each Arctic Animals are different.

Sorting Activities

In preschool daily life, sorting would mean clean up your room and your toys.

They would learn which toys belong to which group, which type of cloth belongs to which drawer.

For instance their shirts belongs to the top drawers while their pants need to be put at the middle drawers.

In this Arctic Animals pack, we are learning to do sorting according to 3 types of things :

  • Sort by color
  • Sort by type
  • Sort by size

Activity #8 : Sort by Color

Since Arctic Animals doesn’t have much colors, we would sort them according to only 2 groups.

In this activity, kids need to identify which Arctic Animals has black and white colors, and which has only white colors.

Arctic Animals for Preschool

And because this pack is created for preschoolers who are not reading yet, I made the sorting boxes to be in the corresponding colors so that kids can sort independently.

Activity #9 : Sort by Type

We are going to sort the Arctic Animals according to which one is fish and which one is not-a-fish.

Arctic Animals Preschool packet

Although Killer Whale (orca) is categorized as mammals, it is simpler for preschoolers to identify them as a fish group because they live in the ocean.

Activity #10 : Sort by Size

By preschool age, usually most kids would have known how to compare big and small things.

Well, they would usually ask for bigger things right? Such as bigger ice-cream, bigger teddy bears.

My kids always refer to adult as big people, while kids are small people.

Arctic Animals Preschool unit

This activity helps them to learn the word Big and Small.

Activity #11 : Pattern

Learning about pattern is one of the essential skills for math and of course real life.

But learning pattern does not need to be boring.

In this pack, we are going to do the most basic pattern activity, which is the ABAB pattern.

Polar animals preschool printables

The first activity is about copying the pattern.

Ability to copy pattern is so important for kids because from here they would know what makes a pattern.

The second activity is about completing the pattern.

Math Activities

There are 2 activities in this part.

Arctic Animals Preschool Printables

Activity #12 : Number Matching

For activity #12, we have the number matching activity. This is perfect for number recognition activity.

Kids need to identify the number on the Arctic Animals box.

Polar animals preschool activities

Then find the matching numbers on the ice landscape.

Paste the matching Arctic Animals on the ice landscape.

Polar animals preschool theme

Activity #13 : Greater Than, Lesser Than

Activity #13 would look a bit advance, but worry not! Your 4 years old can do it!

This Greater Than, Lesser Than activity is about comparing quantity.

Well, kids always compare things in their daily life right? Whether who has the most cookies, or the most candies.

This activity is just an extension to their comparing skills.

We would introduce the inequality gator which in later time would ease them to learn about the actual inequality symbols.

For this part, I would first ask my kids to compare, which group has the most penguins?

Arctic Animals Preschool Printables

I didn’t ask them to count. But you can do so if you wish to.

At one glance, they would know which ice landscape has more penguins or less penguins.

Then I would ask them to place the corresponding inequality gators.

The tips is, tell them the gators mouth would only open to eat the group with most penguins.

So they would know which gator to put.

There might be a time when they choose the wrong gators, but place its open mouth at the right position. The gator would look upside down.

Let them be, because technically, it shows that they already get the concept!

Arctic Animals Preschool Printables

Letter Activity

The final activity in this packet is ABC Matching.

Since this pack is created with 3-4 years old in mind, I’m doing the activity to be matching lowercase letters to lowercase letters.

Arctic Animals Preschool Printables

This is especially for preschool who just begin to learn about their alphabet letter.

Activity #14 : Letter Matching

Kids need to cut all those Arctic Animals with letters and find-and-paste their matching letters on the winter landscape.

Arctic Animals Preschool Printables

Preschool Arctic Animals

Ready for Arctic Animals pack fun?

Arctic Animals Instant Download

Try our sample of Arctic Animals Activity for Preschool by clicking on the download button below.

NO-PREP Arctic Animals Preschool Printables 1

Have fun!

The Complete Arctic Animals Activity Packet

Save your time with the complete Arctic Animals Activity Packet; click for instant download: Arctic Animals Pack at our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Arctic Animals Preschoolers

Have fun!

NO-PREP Arctic Animals Preschool Printables 2

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