30+ Pages of All About Me Worksheet Fun Activities for First and Second Grade Kids

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All about me activity is always fun because it’s a chance for us to get to know our kids better.

For toddlers and preschoolers who are yet to know how to write their favorite things, I have a simple all about me activity packet here.

For older kids, check out the all about me activities below.

This packet includes lots of writing chances for your kids to share their thoughts.

All About Me Worksheet

Adorable images such as buckets to represent bucket list, or hot air balloons to represent their dreams – these will help the idea to flow easily.

All About Me Worksheet activities for first grade
Adorable buckets and hot air balloon to help ignite the ideas.

There are also few pages to help your kids express themselves like below : things that make me smile, and things that make me sad.

All About Me Worksheet activities for second grade
Have your kids either write in the bubble and raindrops, or if they struggle to find the word to describe, draw in them.

What’s their favorite book and tv show?

Have your kids share in the below pages.

All About Me Worksheet activity for first grade
It’s time for them to share with you why they love their favorite books & tv show.

This All About Me worksheet activity packet has 30 prompts.

You can print all of them, or just choose whichever suit your kids, or print many copies of any of the page. (such as my favorite book if your kids love 2-3 books)

All About Me Worksheet activities for first grade kids
Of course there are also family tree page, my favorite animals, my favorite food and more.

Shop Your All About Me Worksheet Packet

All About Me Worksheet activities for first grade

All About Me
(for older kids)

Lots of opportunities for your kids to express themselves in writing, drawing, and they can color these pages too!

Perfect for beginning of the year and end of the year activities.

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