Fun Valentine’s Day Lesson Plan Ideas for Toddler and Preschool for 4 Days

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Have you started lesson planning for February yet?

If you need some ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day lesson plan for toddler and preschoolers.

Click the image below to download your Valentine’s Day lesson plan.

february valentine's day lesson plan for toddler and preschoolers

We love routine.

This means the kids know what activity to expect for the day.

Every day would include activities for:

  • ABC letters
  • Fine motor activities
  • Numbers and counting

#1: Letter Activities for Valentine’s Day Lesson Plan

For this week, we will be doing letter craft activities.

february valentine's day lesson plan for letter craft activities

This week, we will do L for Letters, O for Owl, V for Volcano, and E for Elephant letter craft activities.

Just print the printables and assemble the Valentine things while discussing them with your kids.

Download the free Valentine’s Day craft here.

#2: Fine Motor Skills

I’ve also included some Valentine’s themed printable activity suggestions, such as shadow matching and picture matching.

Your kids would also love the AB pattern cut and paste printables.

february valentine's day lesson plan for fine motor
Fine motor activities and dot printable pages

There are also some dot activity pages. You can color in the dots or dot using the dot markers or dot stickers.

#3: Numbers and Counting

Finally, numbers and counting activity.

This week, we are doing number puzzles for number orders and some counting activities from this Valentine’s Math bundle packet.

february valentine's day math activities preschoolers

Let’s recap our daily activities for the week.

february valentine's day lesson plan for toddler and preschoolers
Each day, we will do letter activities, fine motor skills, and counting to 10.

It’s simple and plain fun.

Ready for exciting Valentine’s week?

Download Your Free Valentine’s Day Lesson Plan

Be sure to download the free Valentine’s Day lesson plan here.

I’ve also included links to free and paid printable packets in the lesson plan.

february valentine's day lesson plan for toddler and preschoolers

Hope this helps your week.

Have fun.

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