The Baby Starting To Clap Her Hands! 1

The Baby Starting To Clap Her Hands!

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Baby Hajar, our Miss 8-months now, started to clap her own hands several days ago.

I can’t really remember when was my other kids start clapping their own hand.

The Baby Starting To Clap Her Hands! 2
She is clapping while looking at her hand. So cute!

Though baby Hajar is our fourth baby, I am still very amazed by her development.

We rarely do any hands clapping. But maybe she learnt it while observing my sister clapping her hands to her baby.

Every time she claps her hands, I would surely stop from my work and start clapping along while made a few singing.

Baby Hajar is currently actively practice standing on her own, while at the same time clapping her hands. Sometimes it would be on bed, sometimes she take a step further that she did those while on the floor.

Thankfully she’s now able to keep herself balanced and she can control her body whether she want to fall down or not.

She is now still crawling. I don’t really mind if she’s not walking or standing yet because all 3 of my kids start walking either on their 12 months or later.

Plus her crawling looks very cute.

What’s with baby clapping hands

From what I read, baby clapping hands is some sort of achievement unlock, especially when we parents tend to clap our hands every time she accomplish something.

But for baby Hajar, she even claps during her own time while doing nothing. Like when she’s on the bed crawling, suddenly she stops and sits and start putting together her hands in clapping gesture.

While at it, she watch her hands touch each other. Maybe she is practicing to produce clapping sounds.

Baby clapping hands is also one of good practice for eye hand coordination. Baby is aware of the use of her hands and try to touch both her palms to produce clapping sounds like we do.

Baby Hajar is getting there to touch both her palms.

This also helps baby to practice motor skills on her hands which one of the many steps to do things on her own, handwriting, holding the cups and many more.

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