Tokyo with Kids Under 7-Years Old

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Tokyo has been our family’s favorite since forever. We first began our travel to Tokyo 2 of our little ones back in 2015.

We landed in Narita airport, take one night at Shibuya, at go to Takayama Snow Wall. That was on April.

The first time we were there, we overestimated how traveling with little kids should look like, that got us into stormstorms of tantrums and tiredness and everything unpleasant.

Until I figured out that little kids need space and time for adjustment. Later on we ensured that for each travel period, we’ll be having at least one day of “adjustment period” – to help out family as a whole find footing, get acclimatised to the new environment, finding where’s the convenience store and all.

But for this post, I’m not sharing about that in detail.

I’m sharing about Tokyo with little kids – the places in Tokyo that we’ve been at with our 2 months old to 7 years old, from 2 kids to 4 kids.

Let’s get started.

Tokyo with Little Kids Under 7-Years Years Old

Every time we visit Tokyo, there are a few must-visit places that always make it to our itinerary – they’re just so amazing, even after multiple trips.


Three exciting places for parents to travel to with young children in Ueno:

1. Ueno National Nature & Science Museum

We’re not museum buffs, but this museum is incredibly engaging for kids because it’s interactive.

A must-visit is the Theater 360 for a truly wow-worthy 360 experience.

Each month, the Theater has a different theme. For example, in November the theme was dinosaurs. So when you enter the Theater, the whole room transforms as if you’re walking among the dinosaurs.

We’ve been twice in one week and we still aren’t bored! 😅

In addition to the Theater, there are dinosaur exhibitions, plants, human civilizations, etc.

If you can, skip the Japanese Museum section because if you don’t understand Japanese, it can be challenging to appreciate the exhibitions in this section. 😅

If you want to learn more before going, the museum’s website is

It’s well worth it for us.

Come here once, you & your children will love it, insha-Allah.

2. Ueno Park

Ueno Park is a large open field with a fountain in the middle and trees in the park.

During the cherry blossom season, the park is lively with sakura, and in the fall, the park is stunning with golden ginkgo leaves.

We love coming here because the park is so spacious and after visiting the museum or seeing the Panda, we love to bring the kids to run around in the park.

It’s just so refreshing!

3. The Panda at Ueno Zoo

Honestly, the only attraction at Ueno Zoo is the Panda.

You’ll be mesmerized watching the Panda eat and play, and you could stand there for a long time.

If you’re looking for a more exciting zoo in Tokyo, check out Tama Zoo.

Getting to the Above 3 Places

To get to these three places, you just need to take the train to Ueno Station (JR train).

If you’re coming from Shibuya Station, go to platforms 14 or 15 (if I’m not mistaken) – take the Yamanote Line to Ueno.

All three are right near Ueno Station, within 5-10 minutes’ walk.

When you get to Ueno Station, take the Ueno Park exit. Then just follow the crowd.


Shinjuku is big. It has many mega shopping mall, but it also has many things to do with little kids.

Shinjuku Gyoen Park

We love coming here on Spring and Autumn.

Below picture is our baby Hajar’s first Spring season

I was surprised to be able to see the spring season before Ramadan. It wasn’t part of the plan because we went to Lofoten, Norway last February.

But if we ask Allah, work hard, and believe in Him, there is nothing impossible, insha-Allah.

This Spring season, we went to Tokyo, Japan (not tired of coming here 😅)

Alhamdulillah, we were surprised to see the cherry blossom trees here blooming and not yet bare. (Date 15 April 2019)

In the evening, ‘Illumination night’ is held from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The location is at Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Tip: If you want a more beautiful and less crowded view, you can walk towards the ‘Sendagaya Gate.’

Fee :
Adult : ¥ 500
Kids below 15-years-old : Free

Website :

Shinjuku Toy Museum

The Toy Museum in Shinjuku, Tokyo is simply amazing for kids! Whether they’re accompanied by their parents, grandparents, or guardians, every child is in for a treat.

Every section of the museum is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable caregivers who are always on hand to assist. However, the kids get to play with the toys all by themselves!

There is an abundance of different toys to choose from, and the staff is more than happy to guide them towards the toys that are best suited for their age and interests. Little Hannah, for instance, had a blast in the baby section!

Shinjuku Firefighter Museum

Today we went to the Fire Museum because it’s indoors and it’s raining outside! The best part about the Fire Museum is that the entrance is connected directly to the Subway Tunnel, so we didn’t have to brave the rain at all. Plus, the museum is perfect for kids to have fun and learn at the same time!

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