Name puzzle activity with preschool

Name Puzzle Activity To Help Kids Recognize Letters In Their Name

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Name puzzle activity is an activity that is great to help children to know what alphabet is there in their own names.

Well, when they know about their name, they are getting more eager to know what letter makes other words.

Such as the word dog made up by the letter d-o-g.

Ok let me share with you how we do this.

Materials Needed

What we need for name puzzle activity with toddlers :

1. A photo of my children.

Tips : At first I tried any photo including full body photo. But using full body photo is quite challenging to make the puzzle.

So I used a photo that is only their face. I zoom in the  photo to make it larger, and crop it.

Name puzzle activity with preschool
I zoomed in the picture

2. Scissors 

3. Glue

4. Other paper for us to paste the puzzle on

How to Prepare Name Puzzle Activity

How to prepare name puzzle activity :

1. Print the photo.

2. Write their name onto the photo accordingly. You might want to give some space to allow for cutting

3. Cut the photo into few strips. Each strip has one letter

4. Then I give the strips to the kids

How The Kids Do The Name Puzzle Activity

How the kids do the puzzle :

1. I give them the cut strips asking them to arrange the puzzle that makes up their face

2. After done with arranging the strips, we paste it onto other paper according to which strips come first and which one comes later.

Paste it on any paper, be it plain paper or colored paper

3. Once all the strip has been pasted, then the kids can clearly see their picture and voila, also the letters under their picture.

Name Activity with preschool

So I took this opportunity to let them know that those letters under their picture made up their name.

Later Maryam, our Miss 5 begin to write those letters that makes up her names by referring to the name puzzle.


They love this name puzzle activity, maybe because it’s their picture and their name that they are playing with.

Name Activity with toddler
Hannah, Miss 3 proud of her work

I’m planning to do more name activity with the kids. Stay tuned!

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