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Need help to plan March activity?

Grab this March lesson plan, complete with links to related resources.

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    Have fun dot the bugs in this Bugs Dot packet
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    Exciting cut-and-paste Arctic Animals activities
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    Learning letters made fun with Snowman


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      Tokyo has been our family’s favorite since forever. We first began our travel to Tokyo 2 of our little ones back in 2015. We landed in Narita airport, take one night at Shibuya, at go to Takayama Snow Wall. That was on April. The first time we were there, we overestimated how traveling with little…

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      6 Easy Activities for Dinosaur Lesson Plan

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      5 Easy Child-Led Dinosaur Toddler Activities

      Do you have toddlers who are obsessed with all things Dinosaurs? My 3-years old love loves dinosaurs. Thanks to his older brother, my toddler can already name Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and more. In this post, I’ll be sharing about our 5 easy dinosaur toddler activities, which my toddler initiated. #1: Make a Dinosaur’s House Grab your…

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