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Telling Time With Love-Shape Clock For Toddler

Telling time activity may looks a bit heavy for toddlers, but it can also be fun when we use shapes or things that our children like.

First step to telling time activity is to let our kids familiar with the face of the clock and it’s features. Usually a clock is round-faced, has 12 numbers and 2 hands that keeps on moving.

Our Miss 5 and Miss 3 already did clock that has snowman on it. They love it.

To add more variety to telling time activity, this time I tried to use red, pink and purple love-theme clock.

Telling Time With Love-Shape Clock For Toddler 1

The kids love it because well, the colors look so princess-y and they were into anything with love-theme. Anything that has cute love-shaped will easily get their attention.

Materials Needed

For this Telling Time Activity, the materials needed are just :

  1. Scissors
  2. Glue

How to do it

This printable has 2 sets of activitie. They are :

Activity #1: Match the number

  1. Cut out the love-shaped numbers
  2. Paste it onto the clock’s number accordingly

Telling Time With Love-Shape Clock For Toddler 2

Activity #2: Arrange the number

Cut and paste the number on the clock, accordingly.

Tips : I let my Miss 5 to look at our clock and copy the numbers from the clock.

It’s simple but the kids learnt a lot from this.

Telling Time With Love-Shape Clock For Toddler 3

Matching Activity

If our toddlers are unable to match the numbers yet, which means they just scramble them; don’t be demotivated. It’s ok.

Maybe we need to do more shape matching activities, such as :

  • Match the leaves with same colors or same types
  • Match the bead with its colors
  • Match the lego according to its sizes
  • Match the stones according to its types

And more.

Telling Time With Love-Shape Clock For Toddler 4

But, hey, let them have fun with those love-shaped clock. Cutting and pasting helps a lot to build their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

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