Space Preschool Pack

Space Preschool Pack : 7 Exciting Space Activity

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Space topic has always amazed my kids. The earth and other planets, the moon and the stars, they can relate to all of these because well, just look up the sky, you can see the beautiful space.

I created Space Preschool Pack especially to supplement our space learning week and I’m sure your kids would love having activities with this pack as well.

Let me share with you about exciting fun-packed Space Preschool Pack.

Space Preschool Pack

Space Preschool Pack

This pack focuses on letter and number recognition as well as fine motor skills.

It is great for preschoolers who are just beginning to learn their letters and numbers, and also just begin to hold their crayons.

The activities in this pack include:

  • 2 pages Space Poster for your word wall
  • 4 pages of Shape matching that includes circle, triangle, square and more!
  • 6 pages of Pre-writing tracing that includes tracing horizontal lines, zigzag lines, curves and circle shape tracing
  • 5 pages of Letter matching activity
  • 10 pages of Planet sorting activity
  • 5 pages of Count the moon ten frames
  • 9 pages of Letter recognition activity

Let me share with you about some of those activities in details.

Space Preschool Pack

Letter Matching Activity

This activity focuses 3-4 letters at a time.

It uses your kid’s matching skills to match the lowercase letters to lowercase letters.

Space Preschool Pack Letter Matching

This activity also give them the chance to practice their scissors skills, because they would need to cut those lettered planets by themselves.

But if you’re not ready to pass the scissors to your kids yet, you can pre-cut the planets with the letters.

Planet Sorting

Sort the planet according to its colors and designs is great for visual discrimination skills.

There are 8 planets to be sorted.

Space Preschool Pack Planet Sorting

You can also use this sorting activity for your kids to learn about colors.

Moon Ten Frames

If your kids are just beginning to learn counting, this activity is perfect!

Count the moon and write the numbers in the ten frames.

My girl used to count the moon and as she counted, she wrote the numbers in sequence in the 10 frames.

Space Preschool Ten Frames

Or you can always dot the 10 frames according to how many moons are they.

Letter Recognition

This simple activity helps your early readers to recognize the alphabets.

Find the matching alphabets and circle them.

Space Letter Recognition

Ready for space fun?

Get Your Instant Download

If you love these activities and wish to purchase the entire bundle, click the picture below to go to the link in my Teacher Pay Teachers Shop.

Have fun!

space pack for preschool

Space Preschool Pack : 7 Exciting Space Activity 1

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