Snowman Preschool Winter

Snowman Math Activities for Preschoolers

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Do you wanna build a Snowman?

Winter is here and the perfect season to build a Snowman!

If your kids are obsessed with Olaf from the Frozen movie, this Snowman Math Activity Preschool will blow up their day!

Snowman Preschool Winter

Talk about sneaking fun into learning, they’ll ‘click’ with counting in an instant…

Let them know that the Snowmen in this pack might not look like Olaf.

But they are Olaf’s friends who know Olaf from the beginning ????

Snowman Math Activities for Preschool

Now let us take a look at activities in this adorable Snowman Math packet.

Snowman Same Ones

The Snowman in the yellow box is looking for its friend. Can you find its similar-looking friend?

Snowman math activity for kids

Snowman Odd Ones

Can you find one Snowman that’s looking different from the others?

Snowman math preschooler winter

Snowman Pattern ABAB

This is an activity about completing the ABAB Pattern. Cut and paste the corresponding Snowman.

Snoman math preschool printable

If your kids don’t grab the concepts yet, just let them know what Snowman to put in the box.

Snowman Shape Matching

The baby Snowmen are playing in their Shape room. Have your little ones find the matching solid shapes.

Snowman Math fore Preschool

Snowman Number Recognition

This activity is about helping your little ones recognize and get familiar with numbers.

Snowman Math Winter Activity

Let them have a look at the number on the Snowman’s sweater.

Then color the corresponding Snowball.

Snowman Number Maze

Oh no!

The baby Snowman is looking for its lost friend!

winter math activities

Help the baby Snowman find its way by coloring the snowballs that have the same numbers as the ice number.

You know how kids will feel so proud they contribute to something helpful, this will be a blast!

Snowman Number Tracing

Once your little munchkin has recognized and familiarized themselves with their numbers, it’s time to show them what each number represents.

For little kids, numbers are merely wiggly symbols that are meaningless.

Until we show them that each number represent such and such thing and quantity, they will start to appreciate learning counting and math.

In this Snowman Math Preschool pack, we will start with counting the baby Snowman in 10-Frames, and trace the corresponding numbers.

snowman activities for preschool

Your little pumpkin doesn’t have to memorize or know the number representation by heart yet.

Just let them have fun, it will eventually ‘click’

Snowman Button 10-Frames

In this activity, your little ones will count the Snowman’s button in the 10-Frames, and determine what number represents its quantity.

Snowman preschool math activities

If your little ones just beginning to learn to count, I recommend that you start with counting 1-3 or counting 1-5 first.

Have them refer to the Number Tracing above for them to identify the number that represents such and such quantity.

Snowflakes 10-Frames

Oh my, the Snowman is melting under the sun!

Quick, paste some snowflakes in the 10-frames so it won’t melt!

Snowman Math Preschool

In this activity, your little munchkin will have fun cutting the snowflakes by themselves (be sure they are using safe scissors for kids) and pasting the snowflakes.

Snowflakes math activity

If your little learners are like my preschooler who is still counting 1-5, then be ok with them pasting the snowflakes at the bottom row of the 10-frames.

That’s perfectly fine as long as they know that number symbol represents what quantity.

Snowman Count & Color

Ooooh, the Snowman sweater has some glittery stars…

Counting Winter Snowman Math Activities

Let’s count how many stars are on the sweaters.

Then have your little ones color the snowball that has the corresponding numbers.

Snowman Count & Circle

To further practice with their counting skills, have your little munchkin count the Snowmen in this activity, and circle their corresponding numbers.

Preschool Snowman Winter Math Activity

Snowman Number Matching

Some baby Snowmen are having fun playing in the snow!

Snowman Winter math activities

Have your little ones count the baby Snowmen and match them to the corresponding numbers.

Snowman I Spy

Well well, let’s try to find and count how many baby Snowmen are playing out there.

Snowman math activities preschool

Snowman Count and Graph

For each Snowman that you find, color one box for them.

Snowman math worksheet

That’s a handful lot of activities, right?

I suggest that you do 1-2 activities per day, or if the activity has multiple pages; only do 1-2 pages per day.

Listen and observe your little ones, you will know when it’s too much or too little of activity.

Grab Your Snowman Math Activity for Preschool

Be sure to grab this easy to use at my store here

Snowman Math Activities for Preschoolers 1

I hope this Snowman Activity Pack is helpful for your Snowman-theme week.

Have fun!

P.s: For more Snowman-theme activity pack, check out our Snowman Letter Tracing Activity pack.

Snowman Math Activities for Preschoolers 2

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