Penguin Letter Tracing : Easy 26 Alphabet Letter Tracing Activity

Penguin Alphabet Letter Tracing

Once my kids have mastered their pre-writing tracing activities, it’s natural to proceed to start Letters Tracing.

P.s : Check out our Penguin Pre-Writing Tracing Pack here. This Penguin Letter Tracing is an extension to that pack.

Penguin Alphabet Letter Tracing

Letters tracing can be quite confusing for 4+ years old.

They would try to copy the letter, but I find that it’s easier if we put a little bit of guidance for letter tracing.

For example, where do we start to trace, and where should we end.

In this Penguin Letter Tracing pack, I created it to be a step-by-step letter tracing, where we start with tracing the uppercase letters first.

P.s: You can always start with lowercase letter tracing if that is easier with your kids.

Penguin Letter Tracing : The 3-Steps Letter Tracing

While tracing the letters, kids also learn about :

  • The sound that the letter makes
  • The things that relate to the letters’ Beginning Sounds
  • The name of the letters (although my kids find it easier to recognize the letters by their sounds)

Step #1 : Uppercase Letters

It is about tracing the uppercase letters.

In this pack, we focus on first, trace the uppercase letters.

There are arrows that show where to start and where to end the tracing.

Penguin Alphabet Letter Tracing

Next, your kids would have the chance to trace the letter without guiding arrow.

They need to trace it in a box to help them control their pencil grip.

Finally, copy and write the uppercase letter independently.

Again, this is to be done in the letter box.

Step #2 : Lowercase Letters

The second step is for tracing, copying and writing the lowercase letters.

Penguin Alphabet Letter Tracing

While at these practices, kids would be exposed to the sound of each letters.

There are also 3 Beginning Sounds pictures for each letters to help kids to better remember the sound of the letters.

Step #3 : Uppercase & Lowercase Letters

The third step is where your preschoolers are introduced to which uppercase letter is the pair of which lowercase letter.

While tracing these letters, they would have the chance to color the Beginning Sounds pictures.

Penguin Alphabet Letter Tracing

Sneak Peek at All of the Letters

Let me share with you the sneak peek of all the letter tracing included.

Penguin Alphabet Letter Tracing
Penguin Letter Tracing Uppercase Letter


Penguin Alphabet Letter Tracing
Penguin Letter Tracing Lowercase Letter


Penguin Letter Tracing Letter
Penguin Letter Tracing Uppercase & Lowercase Letter

No Drill or Repetition

I did not include repetitive letter tracing because my kids find it boring.

But we know repetition is great for mastering new skills.

That’s why I’ve been creating other theme Letter Tracing pack as well.

You can check out our Gingerbread Letter Tracing here.

Ready for fun Penguin Letter Tracing?

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Have fun!


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