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7 Low Prep Spring Printables for Toddlers : FREE Exciting Activities For Your Toddlers

Spring is one of the exciting season for my family.

The weather is just nice, the flowers bloom in various colors and so much things are becoming alive!

I wanted to share with you some of the Spring Printables for Toddlers that you will instantly love!

And so bright and cheerful that your kids would be asking to do more!

These printables are low prep, and some of them don’t even need a preparation at all!

Here, I compiled some of them so that you can navigate them easily.

But before that, bear in mind that different kids has different level of skills.

Hence if your kids are struggling with some printables, don’t stress yourself. Give him some time.

Let him do more free play. Or let him play with the Spring Printables in his own way.

If your kids find some of the printables quite easy and need more challenging activity, you can try offering Spring Printables for Preschoolers.

There is no right or wrong age for this activity.

Spring PRintables for toddlers

But since these printables are meant for toddlers, I compiled here the lists that help to develop some basic skills. It is not directly academic oriented.

Those basic skills include :

Fine motor skills

For this, we would do some tracing on the Tracing Mats. Or cutting the lines on the Tracing Mats.

One-to-one Correspondence

Playing with puzzles and shape sorting printables help your toddler to build one-to-one correspondence skills.

Dot activities also great to develop this skill. Dot activities can be done in various ways, either using Do-a-dot Markers or Dot Stickers.

You can always replace those with other hands-on materials as well, such as pom poms, beads or buttons.

Visual discrimination

Help them to identify colors by doing sorting and matching games via puzzles printables.

Now, let us hop onto the links for Spring Printables for Toddlers.

Anyway, I am still thinking whether to categorize the Spring Printables by spring features, or is it better by activities.

But for now, I will categorize them by activities so that you will know what kind of activity is expected.

Spring Printables for Toddlers #1 : Learning Shapes

There are tons of ways to learn about shapes for toddlers.

Our kids don’t have to instantly know the name of the shapes just yet. Let them enjoy the activity.

You can let them know about the shapes that they are playing with.

For instance, try to say ‘Hey, look at this. This looks like triangle. Can you find its matching pair?’

Well, don’t expect your kids to instantly stick the triangle word. They need repetitive fun hands-on activities.

I am not used to ask my toddler to test her knowledge.

But somehow when she is ready, she will surprise me by how much she knows about shapes.

Never underestimate the power of fun free play!

Click below for Spring Shape Sorting Printables for Toddlers.

Spring Printables for Toddlers #2 : Color by Shapes Coloring Pages

This post contains affiliate link for your convenience.

Coloring has always been my toddler’s calm kit whenever she is having tantrum.

Regardless of the pictures, as long as the coloring pages are made of adorable images.

Just hand her a coloring page in the middle of her crying, and she will amazingly stop the melt down.

I’m always amazed at this. Phew!

The coloring page that I’m offering here are Color by Shapes Coloring Pages.

There are 6 coloring pages in the pack. So you will have coloring page in stock for at least 6 days.

All of them are spring themed. You will find birds and its eggs, some bugs and spring weathers.

Just pull out some crayons and color pencils, and you are ready to go!

Click below Pin for your Free Spring Color by Shapes Coloring Pages pack.

Spring Printables for Toddlers #3 and #4 : Dot Activities

This is one of my toddlers favorite to go, and I’m sure it will be your toddlers’ favorite soon enough!

Why not?

Hannah my 3-years-old really love doing this printable with Dot Stickers. She used to love peeling and stick those little stickers.

I used to easily get annoyed looking at those stickers being taped everywhere in the house and in the car.

Until I learnt that the action involving peeling stickers actually helps to develop our kid’s fine motor skills.

Since then I am thrilled to let my girl splurge over her stickers, regardless dot stickers or some fancy glittery stickers.

Dot Activity Mats are not only for Dot Stickers. Usually people use it with Do-a-dot Markers that is also fun!

Currently for Spring Themed Dot Activity, we have 2 Dot Activities Printables.

One featuring frogs in the ponds and some frogs playing with some roses. The other Spring Dot Activity featuring some adorable snails on flowers and some snails eating leaves.

Snails Dot Activity

Spring Printables for Toddlers #5 and #6 : Tracing Mats

Inviting toddlers to do tracing is like inviting them to have some favorite cereals for their lunch.

They love it!

Hannah loves to do tracing that she even traced the big letters on her storybooks and anywhere she can find letters or numbers.

I created some tracing printables so that she can express herself with a variety of tracing materials.

Sometimes though, the same tracing mats serves as cutting printables.

You see those dotted lines on tracing mats?

Well, for some toddlers, they decided that they need to cut those lines after we have done tracing them.

One resources with several use. Awesome, right?

Currently Fluffy Tots offering two different Tracing Mats.

One featuring bright yellow chicks. The other one featuring adorable sleepy frogs.

Click below to grab your Free Spring Tracing Mats!

Spring Frogs Tracing

Click to grab your FREE 7 Spring Frog Tracing Mats


Spring Printables for Your Toddlers #7 : Puzzle Games

If your child love to do sorting, then puzzle games is perfect for her.

For our Spring Puzzle Games, Fluffy Tots features 8 colorful flowers puzzles.

Each flower puzzles has only 2 puzzle pieces.

I notice that Hannah need some time to process which piece goes with which.

This activity is great to learn color sorting and develop attention span.

Go grab it by clicking below image. Your kids will love it!

Organizing The 7 Printables Pack Into Your Schedule

There are many ways you can use these Free Printables.

You can print it anytime you need, or, you can prepare them ahead for 10 days use.

For instance, the 10-day usage could be like this:

Day 1: Spring Color by Shapes – Page 1 and Page 2 of Page 6
Preparation needed – Just print and play!

Day 2 : Frog Tracing Mat pack
Preparation needed – Just print and play!

Day 3: Flower Puzzle Games
Preparation needed – Print, cut and play!

Day 4: Bee Shape Sorting Activity
Preparation needed – Print, cut and play!

Day 5: Snails Dot Activity
Preparation needed – Just print and play!

Day 6: Spring Color by Shapes – Page 3 and Page 4 of Page 6
Preparation needed – Just print and play!

Day 7: Chicks Tracing Mat
Preparation needed – Just print and play!

Day 8: Frogs Dot Activity
Preparation needed – Just print and play!

Day 9: Spring Color by Shapes – Page 5 and Page 6 of Page 6
Preparation needed – Just print and play!

Day 10: Spring Match and Clip Cards
Preparation needed – Print, cut and play!

There you have it!

Well planned schedule for 10 days!

It looks easy to setup, right? Let your kids enjoy all the activity and don’t you worry about prep time. You can do everything one thing at a time.

The most important thing is, your kids are having fun while you bond with them!

More Spring Printables for Toddlers

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