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Love-Theme Coloring Page For Toddlers

Sometimes my kids are in coloring mood. But sometimes they don’t want to do it.

But if the coloring page looks cute, they will be the one who would keep nagging to give it a go.

Love-Theme Coloring Page For Toddlers 1

There’s something about love-shape that my girls attracted. It tells them about love and that we care about one another.

It is also very simple written form to write how we love someone. Just put your name, the love symbol, and other person’s name next to it.

My 5-years old really like to express herself using love-shape scribble. She would draw the both of us and that we love each other, and she also drew the family portrait with each person has love symbol.

Love-Theme Coloring Page For Toddlers

So today I made Love Theme Coloring Page for them.

Love-Theme Coloring Page For Toddlers 2

This coloring page has Bees with love-shape at the end of it’s tail and love-shaped flowers.

It’s up to the kids to color it with any types of color that they want, any color they wish or they could even add some drawings to it.

It’s an open ended activity that meant to flourish their imagination.

The Girls Love The Love-Theme Coloring Page

Oh my girls really love this page.

They chose to color the Love-Theme Coloring Page using pencil color. It can also be done using crayon.

For Miss 5-years old, she is in the experimenting phase; she used 2 colors for her flowers – pink and red

Love-Theme Coloring Page For Toddlers 3

Miss 3-years old doesn’t really mind about variety of colors yet. She is practicing to color inside the line, although I did not ask her to do this.

  1. Love-Theme Coloring Page For Toddlers 4

I am so proud looking at their works.

I might create more coloring page for the girls!

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