I Spy Ocean : 6 Gorgeous Ocean Animals to Be Spied!

Cute jellyfish, smiling fishes and sleepy crabs; those ocean animals are sure way to make the kids engaged instantly with I Spy Ocean!

If you are doing Ocean Theme Week, or your kids will be going to visit beaches, or just because they love ocean animals; come let’s try our I Spy Ocean.

I Spy Ocean


I Spy Ocean and Coloring

This activity is no prep printable. You just need to print and it is ready for play!

You can print a few copies just in case your kids love to color ocean animals with few different colors.

How to play I Spy Ocean

In this I Spy Ocean printables, I have already put the number of each ocean animals.

For instance, there are 5 crabs, and 3 clams. Hence your kids would need to find all of the 5 crabs and all 3 clams

Once they have find those animals, they can color them.

I Spy Ocean : 6 Gorgeous Ocean Animals to Be Spied! 1

Other ways to enjoy I Spy Ocean

Or you can also have fun by putting some dot stickers of same colors on the ocean animals.

Or dot them using Do-a-dot Marker with the same color. For example, starfish is dot with orange dot, and crabs are dot with purple dots.

Or even simpler, you can let your kids just cross or put number on the found ocean animals.

Benefit of I Spy Printable

It might looks fun, but this I Spy Ocean game helps a lot to develop your kids’ attention span.

How is that?

When they are searching crabs among 6 other scattered ocean animals, they are learning to focus real hard.

They are learning to develop the ability to ignore what is not important at that time and to prioritize.

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Have fun!

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