Halloween Math Preschool Pack

Halloween Preschool Math Pack : Over 50 Pages of Exciting Activities!

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Halloween is coming in the following months, but I can’t contain our excitement looking at some adorable Halloween themes!

Hence I created our own version of Halloween Preschool Math Pack.

This pack is tailored for kids who are in the beginning of counting number 1 to 5, and also to accommodate kids who are practicing counting number 1-10.

My girls are both in these 2 categories, so it will be a huge relief being able to do the same activity with differentiated skills, right?

I also make sure that all of the Halloween features in this pack are cute, adorable; and your kids would surely giggle and smiling all the way through their work!

Ok, let me share with you about this exciting fun-filled pack!

Halloween Math Preschool Pack

Halloween Preschool Math Pack Prep

First of all, this pack is a low prep activity. You would need to pre-cut some of the activities such as Count and Clip Cards and Number Puzzles.

But there are activities that is no-prep such as the Number Tracing, I Spy and Count and Graph activities.

For more durability, be sure to laminate them so that you can re-use this exciting  pack.

Let’s hop further more to see what is included in this fun Halloween Preschool Math Pack!

Halloween Preschool Math Activity #1 : Count and Clip Cards

Clip cards are fun!

They are always a win with my kids.

I love activities using clothespin because they are great to develop the kids’ fine motor skills and strengthen the kids’ finger muscles.

Halloween Count and Clip Cards

In this pack, there are 13 pages of jam-packed Halloween themed Count and Clip Cards!

28 cards are counting number 1-5 while 24 other cards are for kids who are practicing to count number 1-5.

There are friendly lady witch, girl witches, Halloween treats of all sort of bright orange and purple colors, lovely owls, and more!

Halloween Preschool Math Activity #2 : Number Puzzles

Number Puzzles activity are great to teach number sequence, such as what comes after number 3 or what comes after number 6.

Number sequence skills is important for upcoming addition and subtraction tasks.

This Number Puzzles are self corrected. If your kids missed a number, she will know that she miss one part and need to find the corresponding pieces.

This activity also has 5 pages of number 1-5 puzzles, and 6 pages of number 1-10 puzzles.

Halloween Number Puzzles

This activity would need a bit of preparation.

You would need to pre-cut the puzzle pieces; I prefer using paper cutter to make prep work goes faster.

Be sure to scramble the puzzle before activity starts!

But if your kids are just beginning to count and recognize the number symbol, I would suggest that you put the numbers closely next to each other in sequence.

Once they got the rhythm and find it easy, you can scramble them to make it more challenging.

Easy at first would motivate kids to try more challenging task.

Halloween Preschool Math Activity #3 : I Spy

Who doesn’t love the classic I Spy games? My kids always love it, even more loving it when there are bright and colorful images!

Let’s hunt some Halloween features!

Halloween Math Preschool I Spy

My girls love to circle the found item to make sure she won’t miss it. Or you can also let your kids dot the founded items so that it can help them focus to spy other items.

This set of activity has 5 pages I Spy games counting 1-5 and 6 pages of I Spy games counting 1-10.

Halloween Preschool Math Activity #4 : Tracing Numbers

My 4 years old love to trace everything! Everything means, even the words in the books, she used to love to trace them.

This Tracing Numbers activity gives your kids the opportunity to trace and know the symbol of each numbers; from number 0 to number 10.

Number Tracing

I also put Halloween features next to each numbers so that you can count them together.

If your kids are not keen into tracing numbers yet, I would suggest that you try our Pre-Writing Tracing Pack.

Halloween Preschool Math Activity #5 : Count and Graph

Let’s pull out some crayons and ready to Count and Graph!

Halloween Math Preschool Count and Graph

This activity has 6 pages of Count and Graph counting 1-5 and 5 pages of Count and Graph counting 1-10.

Are you ready for Halloween fun-filled counting activities?

Grab Your Pack

Hop over to our Teacher Pay Teacher’s Store to get your instant download.

Have fun!

Halloween Preschool Math Pack : Over 50 Pages of Exciting Activities! 1

Halloween Preschool Math Pack : Over 50 Pages of Exciting Activities! 2

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