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Farm Animals Printables Tracing Pages

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I created this Farm Animals Tracing Printables for my girls to practice their handwriting.

And I am so thrilled to share with you so that your kids can have fun too!

This pack includes 6 sets of tracing activities that are engaging.

And the best part of it is, this is a no-prep printable!

Yep, just print and you are ready to go!

farm animals tracing worksheets

Farm Animals Tracing Printables

I observed my girls a lot. Hannah, our 3+ years old love to trace things. But what she loves most is to scribble the ‘o’ shape.

Hajar, our 1+ years old is beginning to learn to hold a color. I guess she’s inspired by her sisters.

This 1 year old of ours started with scribbling straight lines, and sometimes diagonal lines randomly.

Hence, our Farm Pre-Writing Pack focus a lot in tracing those lines.

The Lines in The Farm Animals Tracing Pages

For instance, below is fun straight line tracing with some cows.

I made them with colors to attracts my girls’ interest. My kids love colorful things to work with.

Farm Pre-Writing PRactice

2 Sets below helps kids to practice with diagonal lines.

Farm Pre-Writing TRacing

First, there are 2 lines to guide your kids to trace the lines.

Then, they would have the freedom to draw their own line, or copy the line.

Get Your Free Download

This pack is free. So don’t forget to grab your freebies by clicking on the download button below. Have fun!

Farm Animals Printables Tracing Pages 1

More Farm Animals Tracing Pages

If you love this freebie and want to purchase the entire bundle, click the picture below to go to the link in my Teacher Pay Teacher’s shop.

Farm Animals Printables Tracing Pages 2

Farm Animals Printables Tracing Pages 3

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