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Fall Pre-writing Tracing Pack : Exciting More Than 10 Tracing Activity

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For us, fall season is always synonym with strong winds and sometimes heavy rains.

It inspires me to do some tracing activity with the kids, hence I created Fall Pre-writing Tracing Pack.

This pack is especially for toddlers and preschoolers who are just beginning to learn how to write or hold their crayons.

Let me share with you a bit about this exciting pre-writing pack.

Fall Pre-Writing Tracing Printables

The Lines in Fall Pre-writing Tracing Pack

The tracing lines in this pack are various.

We started with the most basic lines so that kids as young as 2 years old can try to trace.

The tracing lines in this pack include :

  • 2 pages of horizontal line tracing
  • 3 pages of vertical line tracing
  • 2 pages of castle line tracing
  • 2 pages of diagonal line tracing
  • 2 pages of zigzag line tracing
  • 5 pages of curve line tracing
  • 2 pages of challenging curves tracing
  • 9 pages of shapes tracing which includes circle shapes, square shapes, triangle shapes and more!

How to Use Fall Pre-writing Tracing Pack

Depends on your child’s readiness, you can use this pack in several ways.

For kids who are used to holding pencils and can color a little, you can let them use the crayons or markers to trace the fun lines.

Fall Pre-Writing Tracing

Messy Play for Toddlers

For toddlers, instead of handing them crayons, it would be best if they trace the lines using sensory items first.

For this usage, you would need to laminate the printables so that it can be used in messy sensory play.

Among sensory items that can be used for tracing include shaving cream and sand.

Or if you are searching for edible sensory play, you can try whipping cream.

These sensory play will help to strengthen your toddler’s fingers muscle and at the same time develop their fine motor skills for pre-writing.

Ready for fun pre-writing tracing?

Get Your Download

Hop over to my Teacher Pay Teacher’s Store, or click on the image below to purchase your instant download.

Have fun!

Pre-Writing Tracing Fall Pack

Fall Pre-writing Tracing Pack : Exciting More Than 10 Tracing Activity 1

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