Halloween math activities for preschool

5 Crazy Fun Halloween Math Activities for Preschoolers

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Let’s admit it, Halloween is going to be totally different this year.

It’s not safe for everybody to trick-or-treat, and it’s not safe for house-to-house visit.

But you know what? Different doesn’t necessarily mean less fun. Let’s just pretend this year’s Halloween is having heavy rainfall, that we have to stay indoor.

We can always think of something to ‘make lemonade out of the lemon’.

While you might be wondering how best to make Halloween fun at home with little kids, I’m here excited to share with you few crazy simple idea that will make your kid’s 2020 Halloween more fun!

Let’s check out these exciting activities!

#1 : The Missing Ghost!

Look closely at the line-up of these ghosts.

Can you determine what ghost should be put into which place?

Halloween printables for preschool

This activity is about reviewing number sequence for number 1 to 10.

Have your kids cut the ghosts and paste them in accordingly.

For extra fun, get a handful of ghosts mini-erasers!

Then, draw the missing number on that mini-eraser and let your kids put it accordingly.

#2 : Give Me Some Candy

Each trick-or-treat basket has a balloon floating above them. This Halloween ballon has a number.

Have your little one cut out the candies and paste them on the corresponding trick-or-treat.

Halloween math printables for kids

Or you can do it with real candy!

To play with real candies, laminate the trick-or-treat printables, and put real candies on it.

#3: The Ghosts That Eat Halloween!

Oh no!

The ghosts has eaten all the Halloween features!

Have your kids count how many of the Halloween items that have been swallowed.

Halloween educational activities

To make it even more fun, turn this activity into a race!

The quickest that can count all the Halloween items with the right numbers, wins!

#4: Broken Portrait at the Haunted House

Someone must have scramble the portrait in the haunted house. The picture looks broken.

Halloween fun for kids indoor

This makes the ghosts sad and mad!

But don’t worry, we can fix the portrait.

Help the ghosts piece the broken portrait.

To do this, let your kids cut each puzzle pieces, and find their connecting pieces.

Once they are done piece the portrait together, have them paste the completed adorable portrait in the given boxes.

You can laminate or frame the portrait puzzle for your kids to put at their room!

#5: Party in the Tomb

Oh my! There is Halloween party happening in the tomb!

Can you count how many Halloween things are partying in each tomb?

How to make Halloween fun and educational

For each counts; color the boxes. (there are answer keys for this activity, you can refer to the answer keys)

Let’s Make Halloween 2020 Fun!

See, pandemic-Halloween can, after all, be fun, right?

You can have your kids do these activities by themselves, or you can join them for more fun!

You can find all of these exciting activities in our Halloween Math Packet in our store.

Halloween math activities for preschool

You can shop yours by clicking on the button below.

5 Crazy Fun Halloween Math Activities for Preschoolers 1

Have fun!

5 Crazy Fun Halloween Math Activities for Preschoolers 2

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